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Get SSL certificate with Business cheap web hosting plan to protect your clients’ data. The link between your server and customer’s sensitive information, such as, credit card numbers, passwords and other login information is safely encrypted using our free SSL with every Business cheap web hosting plan. Such safe encryption will increase your revenue as your clients will trust your website more than your competition's.

Using SSL certificate will prevent any hacker from getting sensitive information stored on your website or transferred via https SSL protocols. And with Hostinger you get a free SSL certificate with every Business web hosting plan. Don't hesitate, make sure all your connections are safe with SSL and let your clients safely purchase your products or enter sensitive information on your website.

?What is SSL Certificate?

Free SSL fron hostinger will protect your clients personal data

SSL security is an encrypted path through which all sensitive information can travel safely. Free SSL that you get with our Business cheap web hosting plan will ensure your website is safe and your clients can feel secure.

6 reasons to get FREE SSL Certificate with Business web hosting


Rank higher than others. Google likes a secure website. Increase your website’s SEO rankings on Google and other search engines with our free SSL certificate you get with Business web hosting.


Generate secure card payments. Protect transactions through your website with SSL certificate you get with Business hosting, boost your sales with a variety of secure payment choices for your clients.


Let your clients trust you. Get a free SSL certificate, update your website with a lock icon and show your customers their sensitive data is safe with you!


Easy setup & 24/7 customer support. Cheap and secure web hosting has never been easier, go live and secure instantly with our dedicated live support who will answer all your questions.


Most powerful encryption. No hacker will be able to access your valuable information with free SSL Certificate as it encrypts the path through which data between your customer and you travel.


Protect your WordPress hosting. With our Business cheap web hosting plan, SSL comes free and it also protects your WordPress website, blog or business. Make use of this advantage!

How does Hostinger’s free SSL operate?

All websites running on our Business web hosting plans with free SSL certificate creates a secure path for data to be passed over safely. Don’t pay any extra for the security of your website, use our free SSL and secure your website and your client's trust. This is a simple way to increase your revenue as a secure connection will allow secure payment transactions.

Unsecured Website without SSL

Free SSL fron hostinger will protect your clients personal data

As soon as any sensitive information is entered on your website, SSL security you get with Business cheap web hosting plan instantly encrypts it. SSL encryption with protected data then travels to the server website is ran from, and decrypts it only when it’s safe and only for the website owner to see. Free SSL protects your client's data from message forgeries, theft, and unnecessary eavesdrop.

Secure FREE SSL Connection

Free SSL fron hostinger will protect your clients personal data

Free SSL certificate provided by Hostinger with every Business web hosting plan, will ensure your data is safe. Hostinger’s SSL for WordPress will also protect your blog or e-commerce shop, no need to worry about safe transactions anymore! The encryption, which protects your client’s data from theft and unnecessary eyes is the strongest in the current market and based on SSL protocol.

Hostinger’s SSL security – a lifetime of security guaranteed

Our cheap web hosting plan now offers a free SSL certificate to provide a safe connection between you and your client!

Rank higher & boost SEO

Google cares about safe links between a customer and your website’s server. Pages with SSL certificates will have a higher SEO ranking in Google & other search engines. There's no doubt that websites with https rank better than those without. Make sure you’re among them by getting our free SSL certificate with Business web hosting plan and don’t worry about your website SEO rankings in any search engine anymore!

Gain trust of your visitors

It is no secret that a green lock next to your website's address and Https prefix mean a safe website. You know it and your customers know it! According to the latest research, people buy on websites with SSL certificates 10 times more that on websites without it. Gain the trust of your customers by acquiring SSL certificate with Business web hosting and stop losing potential buyers. Make your website reputable!

Beat the competition

Your competitor websites already have SSL certificate and yours still doesn't have it? SSL is a must in today's market. Get it for free with our cheap Business web hosting plan and be the leader of today's market. Steal clients from your competition by getting SSL protection now. SSL protected website is the main reason why people choose your website over the one of a competitor’s.

Increase your revenue on the cheap

With our Business cheap web hosting plan, SSL costs nothing but benefits the business hugely. Increase your revenue with FREE SSL security in no time! This is the cheapest way to boost your sales and establish a secure bond between you and your client. No real investment is required if you want to improve your trades when you get our Business web hosting plan.

Your brand credibility is what matters the most!

With time, your brand will become credible if using SSL security. You will have one more advantage against your competitors – a product that people trust. A service that matters to it’s owners is the service that people trust and want to purchase. Improve your websites reputation instantly by getting our free SSL protection with every Business plan.

No more data theft, message forgery & eavesdropping!

With SSL Certificate you will be able to put all your efforts into your product. Stop wasting time on law suits and unnecessary cyber incidents with your clients. It is important to put a stop to hackers who unlawfully steal your client’s data and sensitive information by securing your website with SSL encryption when buying cheap Business hosting plan. Focus only on your product.

How does SSL work?

Free SSL Certificate with Hostinger's Business plan, establishes a secure connection for sensitive data to travel safely with Hostinger’s SSL encryption. Free SSL will let you work safely without breaking your bank. It will even increase your revenue as you will get a higher Google ranking, more unique visitors, and more sales! How does SSL work? Here’s how.

How secure SSL connection works
Visitors computer
Hello, is your connection secure?
Sure, I'm sending my certificate now!
How secure SSL connection worksServer
How secure SSL connection worksVisitors computer
Great! Ready to establish a safe connection?
I will encrypt the path now and decrypt it when it's safe!
How secure SSL connection worksServer

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